While our building at Canal Place in New Orleans has closed to the public, it remains open to essential staff members of certain tenants including our office.  Thus, we remain open to serve your needs during these strange times of global pandemic.  Please do not attempt to come see us though.  Your safety and health is very important to us, as is the well being of our support team. 

We are currently setup to conduct all necessary business electronically, including signing-up new clients as well as developing existing cases.  We are available by telephone and email as usual.  We ask that any documents that you need to send to us be sent via email or fax.  In the event that an original document or signature is absolutely necessary, we will accept it via mail.  Otherwise, please do not send hard copies of any materials pertinent to your case until otherwise notified.

We are also monitoring all the relevant courts in which we are currently handling matters for changes in procedures and deadlines.  Each court is handling the COVID-19 crisis a little differently.  For the time being, it seems all are accepting new filings, although most are accepting electronic or fax filings only.  All are closed to the public and have cancelled live hearings.  Some have continued all court matters until later dates, and some are conducting hearings via telephone and/or video conference.  Our attorneys attended five telephonic hearings this week alone, and will be attending many more in the coming weeks.  We have also reached out to vendors regarding telephonic and/or video depositions and mediations.  

As you can see, we are doing everything we can to stay in front of the COVID-19 outbreak from a business standpoint.  While we will continue to do so, we ask that each of you remain safe and try to avoid unnecessary exposure.  You, your families, and your businesses remain in our thoughts and prayers.