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No matter what policies are put in place, workplace accidents are inevitable when man and machine work together.  Even more unfortunate than your accident is the likelihood that the insurance carrier will treat you as a claim number and focus on protecting their bottom line.  Do not let this happen to you.   Call an experienced workers compensation attorney today.

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Workers compensation in louisiana

Workers Compensation was created as a compromise between employees and employers.  The compromise is that workers give up their rights to claim damages in civil court, and employers and insurance companies agree to pay benefits to workers for injuries occurring during the course and scope of their employment.  In the past, workers would have to go through a long litigation process of traditional lawsuits, and employers were possibly on the hook for huge damages if negligence or recklessness were proven.  In today’s administrative system, the process is supposed to be much faster and the burden on employees lessened with the compromise that damages are administrated quickly but are somewhat limited.  

In theory, this is a great compromise for injured workers because the idea is to expedite the process and get injured employees their benefits more quickly than if they had to file a lawsuit in civil court and had to prove the accident was the employer’s fault.  One of the biggest problems though is that the insurance companies have almost endless resources to “investigate” claims and drag matters on as long as possible.  They do so in hopes that the employee will give up or settle cheap.  This does not have to be the case.  With an experienced workers comp attorney, you can build your case efficiently and move the claim along towards a reasonable settlement or adjudication before an administrative law judge.

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Our team of workers comp attorneys are experienced at these claims.  In fact, we used to represent the other side.  We know exactly what opposing counsel is trying to accomplish with each step they take. 

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Let us work for you to maximize your claim.  We will gather the necessary medical evidence, document your lost wages, challenge any defense witnesses, and take your case to trial if necessary.  We represent injured workers all across Louisiana.

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