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Closing Services

Once you have entered into a purchase agreement to buy or sell a home or other real estate, you will need an attorney or title company to perform closing.  Call an experienced real estate closings firm today.

Title Searches

Performing a title examination or abstract is a necessary first step.  If defects are found, you need someone to swiftly work to resolve them.  Common defects include judgments and tax liens.  Even if you are a buyer, a judgment can impede the process and you may need an attorney to assist in rectifying the situation

Title Insurance

Lenders require title insurance in case a mistake is made and it is discovered later that clear title did not exist at the time of the sale.  We can help coordinate to issuance of title insurance.



Closing day is an exciting time for all parties, but a lot of work must go into preparing and coordinating all the necessary paperwork.

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