While many courts across the state and nation continue to close their doors and postpone trials and hearings to later dates, the three Bankruptcy Courts in Louisiana have thankfully remained functioning to some degree.  Bankruptcy filings remain electronic as always, but the requirement to submit original signatures in some instances is temporarily suspended.  Each of the courts are closed to the public but have implemented measures to conduct hearings via telephone and/or video during this time of public health crisis related to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19:

Eastern District of Louisiana

Non-evidentiary hearings will be held on the same dates and times as usual, but will be held via telephone and/or video conference.  Each section of the court has a different dial-in number and conference code.  Phones should be placed on mute until your matter is called.  Evidentiary and emergency hearings will be rescheduled on a case by case basis.

Middle District of Louisiana

Until the courthouse reopens, the court will consider matters on a case-by-case basis. Uncontested matters may be granted without hearing. Matters in which a hearing is necessary will be continued or heard telephonically.  Pretrial conferences in adversary proceedings and evidentiary hearings will be held telephonically until further notice.

Western District of Louisiana

The Clerk’s office is available for Telephone and email assistance during normal business hours.  The WDLA is currently not altering any hearing dates, but each judge maintains the authority to alter hearings as they deem fit.  All non-evidentiary hearing will be held via telephone.  Each court division has a separate dial-in number and access code.  Evidentiary and emergency hearings will be handled on a case by case basis, and the court should be contacted as soon as possible.